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"What people see as important things to protect is often down to circumstance, whether or not an individual is in business, has family, liabilities and specific views on life assurance or health insurance.  However, one of the key considerations is that without protection, longer term planning goals may not be met if you were to lose income, be unable to work through illness, injury or death, which is why protection planning is a cornerstone to strong holistic financial planning and one of the first areas we consider in the planning life cycle!"

We provide a review service to assess any existing arrangements, which looks at charges, costs, cover suitability and much more.  Why...?  Client circumstances change and while protection cover may have been relevant at inception this does not mean cover will match changing circumstances over time and this is where our review service addresses this and many other considerations.   


Whether you are looking for cover that provides a lump sum or regular income benefits to protect against death, long term illness or injury or to cover serious illnesses we search the whole of market to find the most appropriate and cost effective cover for a clients specific needs.

So whether you wish to protect a loan, income, family, business assets or employees, whether cover is to be based on price, superior quality or to cover extensively things like serious illnesses we can build a package of benefits specific to each planning objective, which may in turn have different cover amounts, duration or require cover to be split between different types of cover.  


It is due to our clients varying requirements that we have developed a range of unique protection solutions that not only meet any simple cover requirements competitively but we can also build more complex arrangements to meet a multitude of different advice requirements, which can be extremely important when we need to ensure cover types can run for differing levels and terms where one plan will not meet a clients specific needs alone.  This is where our value in designing complex arrangements comes into its own. 

Call today, email us or complete our enquiry form and take advantage of our no cost, no obligation initial review service!

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