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As a client you are able to view your personal, financial and investment portfolios at the click of a button through our Personal Portal.  So, whether you are looking for an up-to-date valuations (subject to provider availability and frequency of valuations) or access how you are progressing against your financial goals, access data from all devices 24/7, your personal portal has it all covered.  The client portal really does help clients focus on your goals and objectives.

We are always focused on how to improve client communication, interaction and data security.  It is for these plus many other strategic reasons that we offer access to this powerful tool for all our clients at no cost.


From May 2018, it became a legal requirement under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) for any firm to communicate with all their clients in a secure way to ensure the upmost integrity of your data.


As a result we will now only communicate with you by phone, via our secure client portal for messaging of a sensitive nature and document sharing or in person, we will not ordinarily send important documents to you through the post (where registered on client portal) or conventional email.
Once you become a client you will need to make sure you can see your documents and secure messages by creating and activating your account.

To activate your client portal

  • Wait for us to provide your client portal registration request

  • Click here to visit our registration page

  • Enter your email address, the same as we hold for you

  • You will then receive an email from us with an activation link

  • Following that link, verify your details



More about your online account

Secure messaging
With email and post increasingly vulnerable to interception, we treat the security of the data you share with us with the utmost care. Your client portal account provides you with a secure messaging service, so you can quickly get in touch with us and have the peace of mind of knowing that any information you share is 100% encrypted and completely private.

A secure document vault and document share facility
Your client portal provides a secure document vault, so we can share important documents with you and you then can share your documents with us, if required. This is far more secure than emailing and sending it in the post. You can house all your financial documents online where they are secure and fully backed up - much safer and more convenient than the bottom of the filing cabinet.


Additional access to PFP Premium
PFP Premium is an additional service that enables you to collate information on your short-term finances like bank account(s), credit cards, loans and mortgages, together with your advised products, giving you powerful insight into your total net worth. Plus, you'll also be able to receive alerts and insights into spending and saving habits so you can keep track on how you're progressing against the goals you've set. 

Where you voluntarily choose to provide personal details to us via this website your personal information will be treated as confidential by us and held in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.  You agree that such personal information may be used to provide you with details of services and products in writing, by email or by telephone.

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